Family + Return to the Allgäu

21 August 2011. Family.

Today I met even more of my German family! With my Tante Elk and Tante Git, we joined family for a very nice lunch in the town of Roggenburg. The restaurant was part of a monastery and I ate spätzle and fish (with the head still on!) It was very yummy! I was able to meet my Great Uncle Mar for the first time! along with seeing my Great Tante Wil again and meeting many more of my mom’s cousins. It was so great to see my Oma’s three siblings together! They are so cute. We had so much fun talking story and laughing at plays-on-words (Elk had to explain them to me) and old family stories. We must be related because we all have the same dry sense of humor.

After lunch we drove to my Uncle Mar’s house where we all sat in the garden and ate desert. Uncle Mar’s wife owned a bakery and made us home-made ice cream and the best Apple Strudel ever! Tante Elk and I could not stop eating the delicious desert.

22 August 2011. Return to the Allgäu.

Barb picked me up again for another adventure in the Allgäu, but this time we did not go as far south. The hills were just as green and we would see the Alps off in the distance. We stopped in a very cute town, Wangen, for “lunch” consisting of local meat, cheese and tasty deserts. We ate lunch at the Fidelisbäck Bäckeri** where I have now discovered a new desert to add to “the tastiest desserts ever” list (after Tiramisu and Sticky Toffee Pudding): Bienenstich. This dessert consists of a very light and not too sweet cake with a sweet cream between. But, the best part is the crunchy toffee and almond coating that is on top! It is sooo good. We ate it too quickly!

The rest of the day we spent at a local swimming hole. This lake was very interesting because it was not clear at all, but it was very refreshing. Barb told be that ancient trees began to decompose in the lake causing the water to stay brown and foggy. The “scum” that forms on the bottom is the same stuff that is used in mud baths and what people pay hundreds of dollars to have smeared all over their bodies in places like Baden Baden. The dark color of the lake and the warm weather kept the water at a comfortable 70F.

** Fidelisbäck Bäckeri is a very famous bakery that is owned by a distant relative. Tante Git told me that the owner is her cousin’s cousin. Made me realize how small our world really is! Also, Bienenstich translates to “Bee Sting.”

For My Mom. Humors of the German Language.

There are many words in Germany that sound very funny. My favorite is the word that means “to travel/ride.” The word is spelled Fahrt. Just say it and you will know why I would sit in the back of the car and start giggling every time we passed an autobhan off-ramp saying Ausfahrt. I got some very strange looks from my German relatives! Ha Ha!

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