Mozartkugeln: the chocolate of Salzburg

This is a celebratory post! Today I’m testing chocolate; to celebrate my 20th post and that I am finally up to date on my adventure, but also to morn the fact that my year in Italy is half over.

Mozartkugeln is the chocolate of Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart.
Growing up in America, I only ever saw one brand sold during Christmas.

When we arrived in Salzburg, stores selling only the brand “Reber” (the kind I know from home) began to show up along the streets. As we walked further into old Salzburg the brand “Mirabell” began to show in the windows. When we met up with my family, we learned of yet another brand that is hand crafted in Salzburg by the chocolate confectionery “Furst.”

Which one is the original? Which one is better? Of course, I had to buy some of each to find out the truth!

Let me begin with explaining what this delectable chocolate is.
Mozartkugel usually has a pistachio marzipan center, is surrounded with a chocolate nougat, and dipped in dark chocolate. These are my favorite chocolates! My oma would always bring them home from trips to Germany and would never share them because, they too, were her favorite.

The Original Salzburger Mozartkugeln.
Paul Furst began to hand craft his Mozartkugeln in 1890. These chocolates are still hand made and sold only in Salzburg.
Ingredients: Pistachio-Marzipan center, surrounded by chocolate Nougat, and dipped in dark chocolate.


Real Salzburger Mozartkugeln.
Claiming to use the same recipe as Furst, their Mozartkugeln are industrially made in Salzburg. They are the only ones to be perfectly round. All other brands must have a flat bottom.
Ingredients: Pistachio-Marzipan, coated in chocolate nougat, praline cream, and dark chocolate.

Genuine Reber Mozart-Kugeln.
Crafted in Germany, these chocolates use a unique recipe. Since they are not and Austrian, they are required to have a hyphen and be flat on the bottom.
Ingredients: Hazelnut-praline center, surrounded with pistachio marzipan, dipped in milk chocolate, then bitter sweet chocolate.

I decided to conduct a taste test to compare the three. I cut the
chocolates into quarters and shared them with my room mates JC, Sar,
and Kat. Here are our findings:

This chocolate had lots of chocolate. It almost seemed that it was more about the chocolate nougat then the Pistacio-Marzipan. We enjoyed the marzipan flavor the best compared to the other, but it could use more.

We thought that this one had a better ratio of flavors (marzipan, nougat, praline) but it did not meet up to the same hand-crafted quality as the Furst Mozartkugeln.

Reber gives its chocolates a strong almond flavor. We thought that the almond flavor was almost too strong, giving it a slightly bitter flavor and overpowering the delicious hazelnut center. The Marzipan was not as smooth and creamy as the other two.

After a vote, we all agreed that Reber was good but not the best.
Mirabell and Furst are at a draw. Though both are very good and made in Salzburg, it really comes down to the fact that one is hand made and one machine made. Both were so tasty. I’ll just have to compromise. When I’m at home, I’ll eat Mirabell, when I am in Salzburg, I’ll eat Furst.

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