italian food at 2am

07 March 2012: Wednesday Morning

For our newest architecture design project, a gastronomy center, we got the chance to tour our site, a still functioning, wholesale, foods market in Florence. A local architect in Florence is also a prominent figure at this foods market and was very excited to show us around the site when it comes “alive” at night. At 2am, every morning, the market begins to open, as fresh fruits, veggies, meat, fish, and flowers are delivered to the market to be auctioned off to the grocery stores, outdoor markets, and restaurants.

My class arrived at midnight and were given a tour of the complex. We visited the fruit and veggie pavilion. There were crates full of colorful and beautiful, fresh food! We also got to see the meat market (complete with hanging carcasses), and a milk refinery (where milk bottled or turned into yoghurt or other products).

Italy is very proud of their food history and their food products. Since the onset of international companies and restaurants into Italy, like McDonalds, a movement for locally grown and produced ingredients began; aka. The Slow Food Movement. Food is eaten with the seasons and almost everything in the market is a “product of Italy.” I feel as though I am eating healthier because I know that most things are gown locally, therefore, they are more natural and without as many preservatives. Everything I cook is full of flavor and tastes great!

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