April. In a nutshell.

WHAT!!! April is almost over already?!?!?! How did this happen? I feel like it was only yesterday that I was packing to come to Florence! And now, I can begin to see the ending that I want, so badly, to stay away from! In just a month, my 4th year of school will be over; a month from that, I’ll be flying back to the United States. Oh how time flies.

– – – – –

Spring in Florence has been beautiful. The weather is finally warmer and, with the first real rain of the year, a storm of “puffballs” were sent flying through the air. The balls of pollen looked like snowflakes drifting everywhere: into windows and up the occasional nose. The trees are now in blossom, including the magnolia and almond trees.

With the end of midterms, I went on a road trip to Budapest, Hungry and then down through Croatia. This was such a great trip!

Last weekend, a small group took some very inexpensive flights to Kefalonia, Greece and had a very relaxing weekend on the beach.

And now, it is the last weekend of April and I am headed to a city I am very excited to see. Istanbul.

– – – – –

The last month of school also looks packed, so I may be a bit slow in up-dating you. I have my last school trip, a workshop, and finals.

Wish me luck!
Ciao Tutti!


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