the pilot episode

My 4th year of Cal Poly architecture is beginning earlier than usual. Instead of starting end of September, I am heading to Europe on August 15! The unique thing about majoring in Architecture is that we are highly encouraged to “see the world” and experience the buildings that shape the places we live in. I have the best opportunity ever! 24 students from my architecture year are heading to Florence, Italy to live, study, and explore.

My plan is for this blog to help me remember my adventures and what I learn during my travels.
In the words of my favorite travel writer, Anthony Bourdain:
“I write, I travel, I eat; and I am hungry for more.”

First, I am traveling with my Aunt to Bavaria (southern germany) to visit the land of my ancestors. Then come August 25, I am on my own. With just my suitcases and a bit of Italian, I am off to find my way to Florence.

For more information about my study abroad program, follow this link:
CSU Firenze Website